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My name is Sabrina Benjamin. I am the founder of "Sounds About White." I am 17 years old with a very ethnically diverse background. I am Assyrian, Chaldean, Armenian, Indian, and Iranian blood in me. I am just about as brown as it gets and because of that I tend to be racially profiled quite frequently. I always seem to not fit in to the right category I am supposed to based on my race. I am a Liberal Middle Eastern Catholic girl. I honestly do not mind that I do not fit the typical stereotypes that comes along with all my quirks because that is what makes me so unique. I was inspired to create this blog so everyone can have an outlet to share their own experiences about being racially profiled in a safe shared space. It is so important for the underserved communities of color to be recognized and communicate with each other. Having an understanding of other cultures and what people of color have to go through in their daily lives differently is so vital for our society and I hope this blog can help do that.


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