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The Time I was racially profiled at LAX

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

The summer of 2017 I was traveling through Europe with my mom and aunt. Our trip started off at LAX when we were asked to step aside at security because my mom and aunt were born in Iran, as said on their passports. I, on the other hand, was born here in the United States, but that did not matter. We were all patted down significantly more than necessary and questioned. We were all speaking English in the airport minding our own business and went through the scanner that beeps if there are any concerns. We had all our bags checked more than the people in front or behind us. As a young person, it bothers me that these stereotypes are set for all middle eastern people. Due to false media and a warped sense of history Americans are taught, the idea the Middle Eastern people are dangerous or terrorists fills the heads of too many. Exactly 0 terrorist attacks in America have been committed by an Iranian. For my loving, caring, and compassionate family and friends to be lumped together with ideas that represent such evil really frustrates me and honestly hurts me. I want more attention to be raised to this issue of racially profiling, specifically when it comes to traveling because a white person can be just as likely to commit a tragic act of terror as a person of color. I am confident that what happened to me was not a rare thing and way worse happens all the time.

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