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Student taken photos that promote body positivity in young people will be unveiled for the very first time together. With speakers from professional photographers to educators to students, it will be a night of communication and understanding of body image issues our peers face.

Photography Exhibit

On our Imperfect Project website, you will find a tab titled "Brands." The purpose of this is to inform users of both brands that are inclusive and exclusive to varying body types and insight to why that is the case. Gender inequality in the fashion industry will also be implemented.

Brands Page

The Imperfect Project facilitated a one-week self love challenge among teenagers of all backgrounds. Each day, the participants were asked a series of questions to reflect their confidence. 

 Self-Love Challenge

At the photography exhibit, a silent auction will be held. All the proceeds made from the photographs will go towards The Body Positive Institute which is an organization with professionals that inspire and promote body positivity toward a large audience. 

Photo Auction
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